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Flip startup odds on their head with rapid prototyping

Everyone knows 95% of all startups fail, and most people that I talk to think that startups are killed by the marketplace. But startups are rarely murdered. Instead, they commit suicide by building or scaling a product too soon. But there’s another option: rapid prototyping.
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How to ask great questions

JDM's is known for his questioning prowess — it's why they call him the shredder of business models. In this episode, he shares what makes a question great, and how you too can be a great questioner.
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How to find product-market fit by thinking differently

Product-market fit isn't one thing. It's best to think of it as a spectrum that matches the lifecycle of the startup, and guides founders on what to do next. In this episode, JDM explores just how to do that — by changing the way you thik about it.
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